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about shibalia

PURE BREED shiba inu  

Hello! My name is Anne and I am a "Shibaholic"; my addiction started in 2009 with my first pup Tomas.  When I went to look for a Shiba companion dog for Tomi I was shocked to find out that the original year that I waited was a 3 or more year wait, with no guarantees.  Scared of never having a Shibee in my life I decided to become a responsible breeder. We are located on an acreage in Victoria and have a stunning combination of Pure breeds from Australia and Japan. 


Shibalia is our contribution toward responsible breeding of the Shiba Inu in Austra-lia hence Shibalia.  I am a Dogs Victoria member no. 3100052616 and hold my Breeder's Prefix ANATARKO.  Our focus is to breed toward the standard, temperament and health so that great quality Shiba's are available for you and your family. 

Things you need to know before you APPLY

Before Breeding

Your new puppy has come from Dams and Sires that have full DNA profiles and are thoroughly Vet checked for any health abnormalities including ears, eyes, mouth and Patella Luxation before they are considered for breeding.  No studs or bitches with abnormal health conditions will ever be used. 

Breed Standard

To attain physical feature predictability, health, dog's quality of life and temperament we unequivocally follow breed standards. Breeding pups takes a lot of time, effort and money – its not something we do unless we have a goal in mind...our goal is to breed happy, healthy puppies without any compromise. Our Shiba's are seriously pampered and are usually found making themselves comfortable on our couches and beds. Our Shibas' are a big part of our family and their health and happiness is of extreme importance to us.


Puppy allocation

The best interest of the Shibee puppy is always first. Our intention is always to place the little pupper into a final home. What type of home? One where they will be loved! We are a family that shows...shows all our Shiba's love. All our puppers are raised in our home, go to puppy gym, lots of cuddles, toilet trained, and no expense is spared to ensure that they have the very best start to life.


With personal experience we acknowledge the nonsensical and antiquated restrictions that some breeders have put in between you and your attainment of a Shiba.  When we ask questions it is not to exclude you it is to make certain we have the right match-we want to set up our puppies and you for success, not failure.  

It is expected that in part of the application process you Learn about the Shiba Inu. We ask that you be completely transparent so that we can give you all the education, resources and support required to make your Shiba continue to flourish in the environment that you live in. You are welcome to come and visit them as they are growing, otherwise I am able to send lots of pictures for those that live interstate or overseas.



Remember that after you’ve taken a new puppy into your home, you can take out health insurance *or extend from our cover*, you have the power to protect them from one of the most common health problems: obesity. Keeping a Shiba at an appropriate weight is one of the easiest ways to extend their life.

New owners are encouraged to have their puppy thoroughly checked by a Vet within 24 hrs of it leaving us.  At 8 weeks of age they have received their first round of vaccinations shots, are micro-chipped and are up to date on their worming medication. In those 8 weeks my Vet will have checked the puppies 2 or 3 times. If in the first 48 hrs with you any health abnormalities present, the option of returning the puppy to a Vet or my Vet for diagnosis will ensure that a full refund will be available. 


Shibalia does not request or accept deposits until you accept an offer of a specific puppy that is made to you. The application form will ask you about your preferences such as sex, color, breeding, showing and export. The price includes (unless otherwise negotiated) ANKC Limited Register Certified Pedigree (not for breeding, showing or export), Microchip, up to date vaccinations, puppy pack with dry food, a toy with Mummy's and litter-mates' scent and the option to extend Pet Insurance. The price does not include De-sexing, travel crate and/or flights.


There may be some time between your application to when a puppy is offered. The price for a puppy may change. Any change in final pricing will always be communicated so that you are able to make a fully informed decision before accepting the offer.


Once again it is important to be as honest as possible so that we can make an informed decision when puppies are  being considered for homes and provide you with our full support. The price of a puppy is included on the application form.


We have yet to master a way to “roughly” let people know where they are on the list. If we can figure this out, we will let you know.


To give you an idea, it is not as simple as you are this number on a wait-list, these are things to consider:

  • litter sizes are not guaranteed

  • some applicants are specific about what they would like ie: a black and tan boy only or red girl only

  • some people get a Shibee from another breeder OR get another dog..


so the list can fluctuate and that is why some people will come down the list sooner than others also.


I would suggest take the time to apply as you never know what may happen.


We are a family that shows...shows all our Shibas love!



by clicking on the Shibee 

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