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Questions & Answers

Your interest in our family is genuinely appreciated and we thank you for taking the time to watch this video. We do hope that you enjoy watching it while some of the questions that you have are answered. 


A lot of time and love goes into breeding, so we do hope that you understand that whilst we love a good chat, we simply do not have the time to. 


We also designed this page to answer your questions while you wait and to give you support in your search for a purebred Shiba Inu.

When your list is chockers, which other Australian breeders do you recommend?

We suggest that you do as we did; go onto Dogzonline and approach the breeders who are advertised on there.  You will soon have an idea of criteria and the waitlist that other breeders do or don't keep. 

Will you notify people if they are on a wait list once they apply?

Once you complete your application and submit unless we require any further information or clarification you are on the waitlist. 


You will receive the message below after you make your submission.  


How many litters do you usually have per year?

Our girls are breed in accordance with the Dogs Victoria and common sense! The rules state that "A member shall not breed a bitch causing it to whelp more than twice in eighteen months without the prior approval of Dogs Victoria". So we want our little ladies to be healthy and recovered from their last litter so when the time comes they are ready to take on the little potat's!

I would like to know whether there is a way to check whether we are still in the waiting list?

We are asked this question quite often. The only time you come off the waitlist is when you adopt a Shibee OR you ask to come off as you may have adopted a Shiba from another breeder...for whatever the reason, you will remain on the list unless we are told otherwise.  This is covered in the video.


* It is worthwhile to mention that there is one way a person can come of the list and that is if human or animal abuse is conducted at any point that applicant would be struck off the list.  

How large is the current waiting list? If we miss out this time around, do we need to reapply via your website in order to be considered for future litters?

If you miss out you do not need to re-apply. This question including the size of the current waitlist is covered in the video.

Can I check in on my partners application to see where we are on the list?

I will now sound like a robot..due to privacy we can not divulge your private information. In all seriousness, the application covers a lot of information and it is my pleasure to keep your application and decision for a Shiba Inu safe. I do not know the context of a caller and to avoid anyone being offended, please note that by law and ethics I can not have the discussion with anyone other than the applicant.


And as for Applicants calling in.. some people who have called in already know; yes of course we can have a lovely casual chat about your application however I will still ID check you for privacy and to make sure that you are the correct one of your name.



What happens if my application info has changed since I last completed the application? Do I re-apply and would this impact my position on the list?

Yep life happens while we are waiting! Just send an email with the change, you do not need to re-apply and there is no impact to your position on the list.  

How long is the estimated wait time for a pup?

We have yet to master a way to “roughly” let people know where they are on the list. If we can figure this out, we will let you know.  To give you an idea, it is not as simple as you are this number on a waitlist, these are things to consider:

  • litter sizes are not guaranteed

  • some applicants are specific about what they would like ie: a black and tan boy only or red girl only

  • some people get a Shibee from another breeder OR get another dog.. 


so the list can fluctuate and that is why some people will come down the list sooner than others also. I wish I had something more definite to say; it really is  a waiting game for now.

Is your wait list currently open or full?

The waitlist is open and will remain open as we intend to breed responsibly into the future. This question is covered in the video.

Can a Shiba pup be flown/transported to wider Australia/worldwide at the owners expense?

The short answer is yes they can. However the case by case rule applies here and it it not a blanket yes we will. A level of interaction and trust would be required to make that commitment.  

Is there anything we can do to prepare for a Shiba pup?

Absolutely there is! Besides doing research my suggestions are to go on to the "Learn about the Shiba Inu" page and read up on the Steps towards responsible Shibee ownershipMy first Shiba has loads of information on puppy care, grooming, nutrition, training and so much more, definitely worth a look.


We also go over these points at the early stages of your Shiba adoption so you will have some weeks to be as prepared as can be. The emails and conversations go over your questions and requirements such as fences, diet, vaccinations, shedding and so forth.

Do Shibas get on with kids or other pets?

According to research the answer can be yes and the answer can be no-so that is not very helpful, is it?


It seems that I  can only speak of our Shiba family and our experience which is yes they do get on! This question requires more information, I want to say empathically yes! However, I do not know the temperament of the pet you already own or what pet you may be considering in the future. I do not know the age of your children, their experience with pets/dogs and if you are prepared to teach and educate them on their interactions with your Shiba?


I also can not speak to the temperament of all Shiba's. I can tell you about my experience being that with socialisation, patience and supervision it is a wonderful co-existence that is family. 


This is not a set and forget. Are you prepared for committed on-going training for your Shiba and your family members? We have grown as a family of two children and beautiful Ragdoll cats for over 10 years- each addition to our family is supervised and "indoctrinated" by the elder Shibs whilst we supervise all interactions. 


At the end common sense and logic needs to be applied with any pet with pet or pet and child interaction- the Shib is smart and knows that they have you wrapped around their finger, it is a balancing act and one you must be patient and somewhat firm and gentle with them when teaching them. My view is that the Shiba Inu are a sensitive little person that likes to push boundaries and will need reminding (not punishment) of what is acceptable, like a toddler. They want to be with you and included in the family, you all are theirs!!

Speaking of toddlers, no one would want a sticky little finger in the eye, their fur brushed back wards or to be ridden like a pony! No dog is a toy for kids, and truthfully reading the signs or not- you can expect a dog to let you know that ain't cool.

So really, it is important to know how you will manage this, puppy school with the kids is what I experience has been and continues to be absolutely wonderful!!

Can we visit Shibalia?

Yes, we love having Shiba meet days. I think that this is so important ! You have an hour to get to know us, we get to know you and most importantly- you get to spend time interacting with the Shibees.

I think any opportunity where you get to spend time meeting and interacting with a Shiba Inu is a good idea as you will soon know if the Shiba is for you and your family.

We are looking at how we can have these in the future and will post out information when the time is right.

Can you see Shibalia ANATARKO at a show?

If we do go to a show in the future we would let you know in advance on Facebook so that you can see our family.

Can we pay more and advance on the list?

It does not even feel nice typing the question- so that tells you that the answer is no.


It's for Christmas three year old will choose the Shiba puppy

No they won't and surely I don't have to explain all the reasons why?

Just as you are looking for a Responsible breeder...

Responsible breeders are looking for responsible owners.

It is a two-way street! Put effort in your application One liners in the heading of an email or text don't sit well with me or most breeders, for me that is so lazy especially since I have taken a lot of the effort required away and designed an application form.

One of the best applications I received was pages long; this person had researched about the Shiba Inu origin, temperament, where they would walk them, where they will sleep, the diet, photos of their home, back yard, aerial shots of local parks and the reason why they want a Shibee...a lot of this is on the Shibalia website to educate and help you!


Treat this as what it is, an adoption of a little living being

who is totally reliant on you!

It is wise to show that you recognise, understand &

 respect that this is the case.


Even though we post notices about scams that come to our attention on the Shibalia Facebook group; you need to know how to identify scams as it is important to not part with your hard earned money before you do your homework.

To read TOP DOG TIPS Article 10 Signs of Puppy Scams (And How to Avoid Being Tricked)

Click the Shibee


You can always start with your State's DogsVic, DogsNSW, DogsQueensland, DogsNT, DogsWest, DogsSA, TasDogs and ask them for guidance on the search for a pure breed Shiba Inu breeder. 

*PLEASE note that if we confirm that a person and/or their Prefix exist; by doing so we in no way shape or form endorse or condone their practices*


Remember do not ask someone if they are a backyard breeder...

 they are not going to answer yes I am, so please do your research

so that you do not need to ask!